Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guild Birthday Party & Small Loom Creations!

Birthday cake with picture of painting "Hystical Garden

Group D fabric
Group B fabric
Group C fabric
Group A fabric
Margaret Jager expounds upon the benefits
using small looms while Barb Writght hides
behind a loom and Wendy Rice listens avidly.
This is one of the fun-est meetings we've ever had.  Our guild's 34th anniversary for celebrated with a cake (chocolate with custard filling---yum, yum) picturing our guild's "Hysterical Garden" painting that went on to become the group's guild display at MLH's Divergence conference long ago.  Pictures were on the wall from past newsletters, newspaper articles, photographs, guild sale announcements, along with a table piled with the guild's cookbook, old membership directories, and an MLH Swatch book overflowing with swatches since the early 1980s.

The four collaborative Surface Design project fabrics were shown and then handed over to the last group of people to work on them, with final pieces due at the April 3 meeting.

Finally, Margaret Jager presented her talk on "Small Looms" (see previous post for details).  People from the community were fascinated with the topic and the room was packed, possibly with more guests than guild members!

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