Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Mask Free Auction at Wendt Park

Priscilla gets the business meeting underway.  Check out her 
jacket made with shibori dyed fabric.
Ready to be Auctioned off: Yarn
Fabric, old quilt tops, vintage aprons, vintage hankies
Miscellaneous, feathers, leather

Wonderful books and magazines
Some of us supported the group by purchasing, and some by donating.
A very fun night.  Perfect outside weather.

Thank you Alexa for the great job as auctioneer.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April 7, 2021 Quilt For a Cause Meeting and Show and Tell

 This was a wonderful presentation by Terry Gallegos from Tuscon, AZ. She talked about the wonderful  organization she has been President of since 2013. They hang as many as 500 quilts in the Tuscon Medical Center at their sale.

Quilt for a Cause auctions and sells handmade quilts donated by quilters, quilt patterns and quilt related products to support breast and gynecological screening and treatment.

For more detailed information check out their website.

Quilt for a Cause Website

If you wish to donate their quilt or money their is a form on their website.


Show and Tell


 A Page from the Book of Spring:  My House 2011                                                                                         

                                                                - A Page from the Book of Spring:  My House 2021 

  and detail

Escape to the Land of Pink

Sewing Needle Book - embroidered words


Wool applique on linen

Postcards for exhibit inspired from National Park postcards

Reversible Fabric Bowl

Queen Size Quilt


First photo is from the Community Stitch Challenge with Sue Stone

Handwoven Tabula Rasa jacket using one of my hand dyed warps.

Tabula Rasa jacket out of sweatshirt fleece.


New creative Earrings


Summer Fun Doll Clothes to be sold at Art Show


Wonderful Easter Dress, but no bonnet Linda??

This 4x6 postcard is sewn by machine on fabric fused to fleece.
 The back is a genuine postcard.


My Sailor's Valentine is almost finished.  I still have some technical issues to solve.  


This is a Challenge Quilt, 6 different people made the large 6 Blocks with the fabric I chose
 (what was I thinking) and then I put it all together and quilted it.

I am working on a penny quilt.  Have finished the pennies.  Here is a weird picture but it will help visualize it.  

unfinished kantha stitched jacket