Sunday, December 18, 2016

"TWEEKING YOUR CLOTHING" Featuring Barbara Norlin

 The Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild’s next meeting will be on Wed., January 4, featuring Barbara Norlin on “Tweeking Your Clothing, at the Holland Area Arts Council, 150 East 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, starting promptly at 6:30pm with social time beginning at 6pm.  Non-members are asked to pay $5 toward the speaker’s fee.

Holland resident Barbara Norlin will present her unique method of altering clothing.  Norlin explains that “my mother never taught me to sew.  I learned from watching her.  That was the beginning of my interest in sewing.  I would take scraps of fabric to make doll clothes and I’m still making doll clothes for craft sales and art fairs.  I’ve always loved a sewing challenge.  Often I will purchase something from a sale rack either too large or too small, then alter it to fit me.  I’ve done this for other people also such as doing alterations for a local dry cleaners for 10 years.”  She will have before and after pictures of garments she’s altered for clients as well as her own clothing and looks forward to attendees bringing their own garment questions.

The Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild invites anyone interested in the textile fiber arts to their monthly program meetings held the first Wednesday of each month at the Holland Area Arts Council.  For more information, visit the guild’s blog at or contact or 616-878-1526.

Example of an altered skirt that was way to big.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Party 2016, Lots of great food

Time for chit chat before filling our plates with great food.  Mexican lasagna, deviled eggs, squash soup, salad with quinoa, cheeses and dips, cookies, chocolate brownies, special chocolates from Japan, and a few other things.

Show and Tell

Ann made this wonderful Santa Hanging out of wool felt.  Very detailed.

Alexa made the beautiful necklace she has on, and the glass beads.

Pam, a guest of Pat's, made this wonderful coat with a technique known as Alabama Chanin.  The entire coat is hand sewn.  First the design is stenciled, then stitched, then cut away.  After that the coat is made also by hand.

Jennifer shows  how her name would be written in Japanese. The small stamp has the characters for her name.
She just returned from a month long visit to Japan. If you have not read her Blog about her trip, it is like a story, wonderful descriptions of the food, transportation, and things in general.

The small purse made to hold the small stamp above, is made out of a certain type of banana leaf, shown above.

Jennifer received this Star from Alice

Ann received these little fuzzy balls, she has a project in mind for them.
Wendy received this lovely, partly vintage ornament from Ann
Ann received this little wool wreath.

Alexa received this zipper ornament from Wendy

Jennifer received this little wool basket a couple years ago from Jonetta

If anyone else has a picture to share, please send it to me, Wendy, so I can post on the blog. They all got put away to fast for pictures, sorry.