Monday, May 21, 2012

Guild News

Hi, Everyone:

A few more items before our Show 'n Tell meeting in 2 weeks
on June 6:

- Jenny Schu won our prize award as an Honorable Mention for
her "Pac Man Bracelet" (see the attached image).  Guild
member Pris Lynch won two Honorable Mentions for two of her
needle-felted pieces she showed us at her talk in April.

-Our guild auction earlier this month has sales of $256!  So
our Treasury, according to Jan Koster, stands at $1074.84.

-It looks like we won't have a summer dyeing workshop in
July.  Possibly we'll have a program on it in November.

-A Challenge for Charity:  We haven't done a challenge in a
long, long time.  A challenge can take many forms but that
sounds really fun is an idea that the Muskegon Museum of Art
did this past winter where each person did one or more
postcards (ours could be fabric/textile) and then were sold
for $30 with half going to the artist and half to the
charity organization.  This might be something we did for
the Arts Council as another donation for our free use of the
building each month.  Let me know your ideas!

Look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

Jennifer Gould