Friday, January 23, 2015

Disperse Dyes on Synthetic Fabric by Jennifer Gould, and SDA Swatch Collection

Jennifer holds a wildly patterned and pleated polyester
fabric commercially dyed with disperse dyes.

President Jeanne Emery holds the
disperse dyed/printed transfer paper
while Jennifer holds the printed fabric.

This picture and the one below illustrate one of the techniques:
holes were cut out of the white paper, fabric of the green poly
was pulled up through the holes, and transfer paper ironed
over the scrunched fabric.  Then holes were  cut from a red
sheet of transfer paper (see below) and that paper was printed
on the green fabric.

The "holey" red transfer paper was printed onto white poly.
The red holes were then randomly placed on the fabric and
a blue transfer paper was printed over the red holes.  The
holes were then moved and blue paper printed again, and again.
Crayon rubbings on paper (will then be printed on fabric).

Printed and painted paper before printing on fabric.

The 9 colors that were available:  magenta, orange, red,
yellow, blue, purple/violet, turquoise, mixed greens, black.

Pris Lynch showed us her fused fabric landscape pieces,
which all fit into a fabric book.  Gorgeous work!

Pris Lynch also showed us this tapestry woven self-
portrait she did.  She suggested we consider doing self-
portraits as our MLH guild exhibit theme.

Arlene Tiemeyer wove this leash band.

Jeanne Emery knit her cowl scarf,
shortening it from the pattern so it didn't
hang down in front but just wrapped
around her neck and secured with a button.


Kathy DeRock, Belgium
Disperse dyed sheer polyester

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rescheduled meeting: From Jan. 7 to Jan. 14

Disperse dyed layered fabric by Jennifer Gould

Okay, West Michigan is finally having WINTER back with a vengeance!  So today's meeting was cancelled. 

The "Disperse Dye for Synthetic Fabrics" talk is rescheduled at Holland Area Arts Council for next Wed., Jan. 14, at 6:30pm.  (We do ask guests to help disperse costs with a $5 donation but we are so glad to have guests and newbies.)

Disperse dyed layered fabrics by Jennifer Gould