Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Lampwork Beads" with Alexa Urquhart

The Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild’s next program meeting will be on Wed., February 6, featuring Alexa Urquhart presenting “Lampwork Beads at the Holland Area Arts Council, 150 East 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, starting promptly at 6:30pm with social time beginning at 6pm.  Guests are asked to pay $10 to defray speaker’s costs.  Guests should bring a pair of polarized sunglasses in order to see the process well.  

Douglas resident Alexa Urquhart and Lakeshore Guild member will demonstrate the process used for making lampwork beads.  After a tapestry weaving class in college Urquhart’s art obsession was with the loom.  She continued with tapestry and clothing for 25 years.  On a whim, she took a glass bead making class thinking it would be fun to make her own embellishments.  Lightning struck again and she switched allegiance to the torch.  Up to this point it has been a 15-year love affair.  She believes that she has been drawn to very old processes that can be interpreted in fun and nontraditional ways.

Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild members are unique individuals with a wide range of interests and experience in many areas including weaving, spinning, papermaking, dyeing, garment design and sewing, quilting, beading, dollmaking, surface design, wearable art clothing design, and many more. 

The Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild invites anyone interested in the textile fiber arts to their monthly program meetings held the first Wednesday of each month, September through May, at the Holland Area Arts Council.  For more information, visit the guild’s blog at or contact at or 616-878-1526.

A Definite Passion for 1940's Clothing and Patterns with Jennie DeVries

This is approximately half of Jennie's wardrobe, all of which are clothing styles from the 1940's.  Her main reasoning besides her passion for this era of clothing is that this style fits her body shape the best.  We were in AWE of her talent and her knowledge.  
As a blueberry farmer she also wears vintage work clothes.

Most clothes were passed around to examine the fabrics.

The beginning of Color Blocking, during the war people used what they had on hand.

This dress being one of her favorites.  She calls it the "Boat Dress", it was her Great Grandmother's favorite dress.
Jennie copied the style from a picture of her Great Grandmother in the dress and then made it.  All the front buttons are covered in white fabric.
Note the Sailor Buttons on this dress.  Original from the 1940's.

This turquoise chemise with pants, is from a french pattern out of China Silk.

These are more every day cotton dresses.


We can't forget her original shoes which came from "A Vintage Sole" in Interlochen, MI Check out their facebook page:

The boots I loved.  Her shoe and heel fit into the boot.  Beautiful.

The Patterns, All Vintage

"Der Goldene Schnitt" now known as "The Golden Rule" by
 Alfred Lutterloh is the book that Jennie
uses the most to draft her patterns.  The Lutterloh technique is still being sold. 

This is not a road map but a pattern with several styles and sizes.
 Just follow the number of the pattern you want.

Jennie made this blouse using the pattern above.

This was a wonderful presentation by an enthusiastic young woman.

Show and Tell
A great vest by Priscilla

Beautiful Vintage Persian Lamb Coat of Jeanne's

And a wonderful new wool coat made by Pamela

Priscilla's Mother's Chinese dress bought in Shanghai in 1947.

Jennifer is still working on her postcards for the Muskegon Museum Postcard Exhibit

And Our Homework For MLH