Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gelatin Plate Printing with Priscilla

What a fun night playing with paints, stamps, scrapers, brayers, bubble wrap and many other things with texture to make interesting designs to put on paper and fabric.
Priscilla is a wealth of information, she has made hundreds of different prints.  Some of which she then sews together to make larger pieces of art.  

 The Gelatin plate can be purchased or made from unflavored gelatin and glycerin.

Above are examples of Priscilla's art pieces.
Below, we do our best to make something art worthy.

Show and Tell
 Suzanne has been busy making owls.  She studies the patterns in the owl feathers in order to make them more realistic.

 Sue made these little totes for presents.

 Susan made several outfits to be worn in a wedding in the Indian tradition.

 Susan also handwove placemats and towels, some of which will be wedding presents.

 Sherry made a very pretty neck scarf from a piece of woven fabric.

Alexa is trying new techniques and designs with her bead making.
Jane made this wonderful wool jersey shawl by eco-printing it from her husband's funeral bouquets.  She made one for each of her daughters also.