Friday, April 12, 2013

Surface design collaborative fabric project

Group C fabric: Pris Lynch, Jonetta Brown,
Peggy Ebels,  Barb Wright, and Jeannie Emery
Group A:  Pris Lynch, Sue Vegter,
Marty Swank, Sherri Sirko, and
Arlene Tiemeyer
The Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild’s next meeting will feature members’ surface design collaborative fabric work on Wed., May 1, at the Holland Area Arts Council, 150 East 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, starting at 6:00pm. 

Four fabric pieces worked on by members for the last 4 months were cut at the April meeting and the next step of individuals creating pieces from this fabric will be discussed, as well as how it will be displayed as a guild exhibit at the upcoming Michigan League of Handweavers conference in Aug. 7-11 at Hope College. The fabric techniques used include dyeing, printing, needle-felting, leaf pounding, stitching, painting, fabric embellishment and couching yarn.

Group B:  Pris Lynch, Alice Breese, Jan Koster,
Barb Norlin and Alexa Urquhart
The Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild invites anyone interested in the textile fiber arts to their monthly program meetings held the first Wednesday of each month at the Holland Area Arts Council. For more information, visit the guild’s blog at or contact or 616-878-1526.
Group D:  Pris Lynch, Jeannie Emery,
and Jennifer Gould

Dolores Slowinski: Threadlines

Threadlines by Dolores Slowinski

Structural Diaries by Dolores Slowinski
Dolores Slowinski gave us a great presentation on the development of her work.  She had 4 banquet sized tables filled with her work to illustrate her development.  Especially interesting was the time line that she created for this talk on which she correlated events in her life with what artwork she was doing at that time.  We were all incredibly impressed!

She also brought her early work which include her "Structural Diaries" as well as a doll that she made in a dollmaking workshop with one of our guild members.  Her work has gone from very small to large pieces as she continues to develop.  See the previous post for information on her background and books in which she has work published.
One of Dolores'
Panni Magda, her
creation from a doll-
making workshop