Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Susan Moran's recent work inspired by nature

Susan Moran holding her grandmother's
tablecloth with appliqued fabrics covering
spots and stains
Susan Moran inspired us so much with her work which involves a lot of shibori stitching, especially ori-nui (most illustrated in her Rose Hips piece seen below) as well as dyeing with indigo and other natural dyes and layering of fabrics.

Rose Hips

Close-up of Rose Hips illustrating
ori-nui stitching.

Milk Weed Seed Pod

Closeup of Milk Weed Seed Pod

Jennifer Gould's new doll.

Another new doll
of Jennifer's.
Jennifer Gould's Wild Face #5
postcard done for the Muskegon
Museum of Art's Postcard Salaon

Jennifer Gould also showed her newest work, fabric collages.

Prise Lynch's PhotoShopped
and digitally printed self-
portrait on fabric.

Another "self-portrait" piece, this one an
enlargement of her thumb print.