Friday, March 13, 2015

Jane Ewing on 'Calligraphy as Fine Art'

"The Raven," a book based on Edgar Allan Poe's poem.

How to Grow Clouds

The piece that she and a group of women from the Pendragons
Calligraphy group had in ArtPrize 2014.

Dyeing the deer hide in Brazilwood.

Stapling the dyed deer hide down so it would not buckle
or shrink too much.

Each person had a specific part of the piece to do.

Jane Ewing

Jane demonstrating calligraphy with pens at the guild meeting.

After an incredible presentation by Jane Ewing and the business meeting, we had only one person who had things to show, Pris Lynch.  Pris had just returned from a month in Palm Spring, California, and had taken numerous classes at a local bead shop.  The following bracelets are all of her treasures she made.

Pris also showed her quilted self-portrait, again, for those
working on a piece for the guild's display at the MLH

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