Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Another Daytime Get together to work on Alabama Chanin Technique and Knotted Neck Scarf

Priscilla and Pam having as much fun showing us a technique as we had learning it.

This is what we have accomplished so far.  Still working.

Alabama Chanin Technique above.


Pam shows us how to make this scarf out of the rolled edges of knit fabric.

When opened up this is what it looks like.

Priscilla is working on hers.  Start by taping about 60" pieces of knit to the wall.  Then knot about every 3-4 inches, 1 &2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 etc.  The next row is the same but you start over one strand, so start with 2&3, 4&5 etc.

Then you very carefully tie the first end to the first end, second end to the second end, to make a big circle.

It was a great day to sit around, stitch and visit.

Friday, February 7, 2020

What a Fun Winter Get Together Day, Learned a New Technique from Pam and Priscilla, and enjoyed each other's company

Pam and Priscilla brought several samples of The Alabama Chanin Technique that they taught us in an all afternoon class.  They are both so generous in their knowledge and their patience. Thank you.
Priscilla's friend also brought samples to share.

               As you can see with this one technique, so many different types of  items can be made.

                                               Great turnout and Major Concentration
This is a sample of the stencil that Priscilla makes with a piece of felt and diluted white glue to stiffen it and make reusable.

This technique involves hand stitching, using a stencil, painting the stencil area, and cutting out the top layer from the bottom layer if you want to, it was developed by Natalie Chanin.

We all got started working on our Samples.