Friday, January 13, 2017

More than just Tweaking Your Clothing

Barbara Norlin gave us all kinds of ideas on how to alter clothing.  My favorite would be to let her do it. 
She quite often buys quality clothing items that are too large and cuts them down to fit her. She also does alterations for other people who have lost weight.
I think this is one of her favorite remakes.  The dress cost $540.00 originally, she purchased it at a bargain price at an exclusive dress shop and then remade the collar part and took in the side seams to fit her.

You can see in the picture how large this top was on her when she bought it.  Barbara had to cut off the sleeves, take up the shoulders, take the sides in, take fabric out of the sleeves to fit back in and put it all back together.  Great top, and the best part is she did not have to do the neck part, which is always the hardest to make lay flat.

Never one to throw anything out,  Barbara saved the fabric from a large skirt she was taking in for a customer and added it to the bottom of this plain knit dress.

Another remake.

This is a beautiful gown that she purchased at a consignment store for $1.00.  Although she did a lot of tweaking on this one.  The cap sleeves were breast covers, and she added the satin top.  she also spent a lot of time reattaching the large sequins.  Made a great cruise dress.

                            Another bargain priced top purchased extra large and cut down.

Helping Jeanne figure out how to remake a slightly too large jacket she purchased at an antique store. The top part of the sleeve would have to come out in order to move the sleeve up.

       Priscilla's Geiger boiled wool jacket is a classic.  We decided it should be left as a classic.

Barbara gives advice to Ann on how to take in this black dress.

One of Barbara's favorite sewing projects is to make doll clothes for American Girl dolls and sell them at craft fairs.  She does not use a pattern, just cuts and sews and adds all the fun little details that we all love.


Jan modeled her new Magnifying glass with light for close up sewing.  Yoctosun is the brand name.

Priscilla has been taking an online class from Elizabeth Barton on dyeing fabrics which she then makes into a  small quilt picture and quilts.  The plain fabric she uses is from Test Fabrics,

Priscilla Said:
The Test fabric that I use is #419 - bleached, mercerized combed broadcloth.  I usually buy the 45” wide fabric but you can also buy it 60” wide.  This is the fabric that has been recommended to me by numerous dye instructors and it gives beautiful color!

She loves trees and hopes to use more of her tree photographs in future projects.

Jennifer is making this collage out of all different types of fabrics and many different types of techniques.  Some easy, some not so easy.

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