Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our First Meeting of the 2016-2017 Season Featured Nancy McRay, "Small Looms, Big Results"

Nancy McRay gave a wonderful talk and demonstration on rigid heddle looms and tapestry looms.

  Nancy McRay has been teaching and producing a wide variety of fiber arts since the mid-1980’s. With an MFA from the University of Michigan, plus years of experience as the Fine Arts Coordinator for East Lansing and 10 years as a yarn shop owner, Nancy has knowledge to share, and she loves to share it.  Having recently moved to the Traverse city region, Nancy is establishing a studio on the beautiful south shore of Elk Lake. 

Check out the Fiber Weekend at Interlochen:

Following are some of her weavings she shared with us.

The blue pattern and the lacy patterns she weaves using pick up sticks.

This vest was made on a 10" wide loom

As a weaver I was very impressed with all the different techniques she used on a rigid heddle loom, including Shibori, Theo Moorman technique, Krokbragd, Lace, and Collapse weave. She prefers the Schacht 25" rigid heddle loom.  She also does tapestry weave on an upright tapestry loom.
Nancy also dyes and handspins her own wool.

Kathy loves to spin but had never tried out a loom even though she has one.  She volunteered to warp the rigid heddle loom of Nancy's and show us how to weave

Nancy then demonstrated on another loom a double weave technique where the cloth is connected on only one edge to make fabric twice as wide.

Some of Nancy's Favorite Books

The books Nancy brought to the meeting last night:

Simple Woven Garments - Sara Goldenberg and Jane Patrick

Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom - Syne Mitchell

Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving - Betty Lynn Davenport

The Weaver’s Idea Book - Jane Patrick

Contemporary Tapestry - Carol Russell

Tapestry Handbook - Carol Russell

Tapestry Weaving - Nancy Harvey

Show and Tell

Jan made this beautiful top out of some silk fabric that Priscilla had printed.
She had purchased it at our auction.
Jane made this wonderful wall hanging. Lots of different techniques.

Priscilla has been very busy working on various quilting techniques. The last quilt is of Saugatuck.

Different colors of dirt to dye with.

Her travels

Part of a series of houses

This is one of several "Highway" quilts she has been making.

Map of Saugatuck

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