Saturday, March 5, 2016

"I am an ARTIST" was part of Linda Walburn's daily chant. And indeed she is.

As you can see from Linda's picture she just thoroughly enjoyed talking about her journey to becoming a fiber artist. It was fun to see so many of her wonderful pieces, and how her techniques have evolved over the years.

Please check out her website:

Currently she expresses her art through the art-quilt genre that is reflective of abstract expressionism. The basic definition of abstract expressionism is  "a development of abstract art  aimed at subjective emotional expression with particular emphasis on the creative spontaneous act (e.g., action painting)".
Her methods are screen printing with Procion Dyes, digital printing with an Epson printer and machine stitching.

She also loves to write, has written books and also loves to write poems to reflect her thoughts and feelings at the time.

Following are pictures of her wonderful works of art.

Feb 1997 Her First Quilt


Silk, very labor intensive

2005, Screen printed with inserts

2005 Whole Cloth Printing

2010 digital print of a quilt she sold
2010 Tulips Digital


Flagstaff 2004
All digital, fuse and stitch


Graffiti Series, Lots of small pieces Art Prize Entry

She considers this her Masterpiece.  Also an Art Prize Entry

This is the back of the piece above.

This is her latest piece involving Eco dyeing. Each piece is separate and floppy.  She explained to us how she listens to her fabrics and to things around her before she proceeds with her project.

Following are closeups of her art.

The last few pictures show her edge finishing technique.  She couches yarns or decorative threads along the edges.  Usually using 3 different threads, one on the front, the back and the front again.  A wonderful technique.

Show 'N Tell

Dee  made a wonderful tree journal cover

Dee also made this lovely tree quilted wall hanging using
netting/tulle to keep the small pieces of yellow "leaves"
in place and then stitched over it.

Jennifer showed 3 of 5 postcards she made for the Muskegon Museum
of Art's Postcard Salon.  The other two sold.

One of Jennifer's Postcards.

Two of Jennifer's newer doll designs, Pisces Women.

Jeanne made a great necklace out of wrapped fibers
(sari silk) and beads.
Wendy's almost-finished journal cover, machine embroidered.

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