Friday, October 9, 2015

Freeform Knitting with Julianne Anderson

Julianne Anderson brought several of her Freeform Knitted
Fashions.  At the same time she gave us a quick lesson in
Freeform Knitting. Julianne owns the Threadbender yarn Shop in Wyoming, MI. She offers classes in her shop on Freeform Knitting, weaving and other types of knitting.
Julianne's daughter, also a knitter, modeled several of the fashions.
The knitted black squares add a new dimension.
Note the ladies in the background concentrating on their Freeform Knitting.
A rectangular knitted shawl worn two different ways.

This vest started as woven pieces and then a knitted
piece was added in the back to make it bigger.
Show and Tell Tonight
Priscilla Lynch had a very interesting dress on.
Made with two layers of knit, stenciled, and
then the top layer is cut away.

This a skirt with the same technique.
This is the book she used for the ideas and patterns.

Sorry I didn't get pictures of the other Show and Tell items.  I will do better.

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