Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Guild's MLH Display at Conference, June 5-7

"Self-Portraint in

"Self-Portraits: 7th, 8th, 9th Grades" by Jennifer Gould;
photo transfer to muslin using mending tape
Acetone photo transfer on knit fabric; changed
into old face with Micron fine tip black pen;
by Jennifer Gould

The group of 8 (Jeanne Emery, Wendy Rice, Jan Coray, Sue Vegter, Arlene Tiemeyer, Sherry Sirko, Jonetta Brown and Jennifer Gould) who made it into the meeting on Feb. 4, in spite of the awful weather, loved Pris Lynch's ideas, especially the self-portraits.  Pris had also mentioned fabric books and mapmaking.  There were some of us that loved the idea of combining all of these ideas.  So, we decided that our primary theme for the guild display is that each member (who wants to be involved) uses the theme of self-portrait.  At this point, it can be combined in any way with any other idea, such as books or mapmaking, that get you thinking.

The next step is to brainstorm and come to the March 4 meeting with lots of your ideas.  Brainstorming means that you make a list (and drawings, too?) of every possible idea you have, no matter how crazy or irrational (or fattening, or expensive) it is.  Sometimes these wild ideas produce combinations of techniques and processes that are what you really want.  Remember, you want to do something that pushes your boundaries of what you're doing right now and challenges you to move into a new area. (That's the theme of the entire conference.)  It will feel uncomfortable at first--- new and different always does and we are always our own worst critic.  If there is a technique, idea/thought, or area of your life that you've wanted to explore but haven't had the time or impetus before, this could be it!

In doing self-portrait work, remember, too, that it doesn't have to be literal but can be comical, fanciful, abstract, a rendition of child's drawing like Pris' needle-felted drawing.  It can also be of who you want to be (the Goddess of Wisdom), you on your favorite trip/outing (dressed in kimono).  It can be about a time in your life, your favorite pictures of yourself with your family/friends/pets, etc.  It doesn't have to be of your face either.

Come to the March 4 meeting with lots and lots of ideas but, especially, your favorites so we can begin to figure out what the display will look like.  If some pieces will be 3-D and freestanding, we'll need different display pieces (pedestals?) than if everyone's work is flat/2-D and maybe it can all be put on a wall.  Maybe we'll need to ask everyone to make their work a maximum of a certain size.  We'll see. Come with ideas!

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