Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surface Design Project: New Additions

Jeanne Emery's black spirals on Pris Lynch's black
and brown dyed background (Group D).
Barb Wright's white-on-white printed spirals
(Group C).
Marty Swank's yellow & green dye painted adddtion
(Group A).

Jan Koster's printed and machine stitched Xs
(Group B).

 The last three pieces of fabric were displayed at the Feb. 6 meeting and the individual additions were explained by Jan Koster (stamped and stitched addition), and Marty Swank (colorfully dyed sections), along with Barb Wright's white-on-white printed addition.  The first piece (Jeanne and Pris') was a surprise addition.  At the March 6 meeting it will go to the last people for their additions.  We'll see the final fabrics at the April  3 meeting!

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