Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kimono in Retrospect

"Etta Hesselink gave our guild the opportunity to not only
ask questions about wearing kimono but to touch, and even
fondle, up close the fabrics and garments she brought to
illustrate her talk.  Of course, the visual favorites were
the two wedding kimono---bright, intense, rich coloring and
gold thread embroidery, padded hems, huge garments worn over
a white inner kimono.  Mrs. Hesselink also illustrated her
talk with a group of haori:  jackets worn over the kimono to
both protect the kimono as well as add more clothing during
cold and rainy weather.  The DVD showed us many different
ways that an obi can be tied---big folds that look like
birds or the traditional round curl at the back, as well as
all the ties needed to keep the kimono and the obi in place.
We also realized that the wearer can't put it on by herself
but needs a kimono dresser!  The entire evening was a visual
and sensual feast for the eyes and hands."  Jennifer Gould

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