Monday, August 23, 2010

Get Inspired in September

“Creating with Layers and Free Machine Embroidery”
Speaker:  Karen Hoekstra
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Holland Area Arts Council
150 E. 8th Street, downtown Holland
6:30pm Social Time, 7:00pm Business/Program Meeting

After 30 some years of teaching art on all levels, elementary through college, and after helping raise some 30 children, Karen describes herself as “sliding into that third stage of life, retirement or otherwise known as new adventures. No more trying to squeeze in creative time, but now I have the luxury of choosing how much time I spent in my studio.  Working with textiles has been the main focus of my art explorations since I discovered tapestry weaving 40 years ago. In recent years, arthritis has not allowed me to comfortably work at the loom but the sewing machine has nicely taken its place.”
Karen continues, “The process of creating my fiber art reflects a process of change that takes place in our lives.   I rely on a rigid under-structure of precisely created strip piece quilting. There is a beauty in the design of that structure but there is also a finite quality to the design. It begs to be worked on. With layers of transparent fabric and thread used as painted lines, I begin by nudging the shapes to expand their horizons and move into their neighboring spaces. Each color and shape changes, and is changed, by its surrounding so that the rigid structure evolves, following a flow of action into an organic and growing form, the way life should be."

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