Friday, April 7, 2017

Wonderful Night Viewing Quilted Wallhangings by Lauren Strach

This was such a fun night examining up close many of Lauren's Art Quilts.  Her basic techniques involve Discharge and Indigo Dyeing.

She uses bleach, sometimes thickened, and thiox to discharge the color from fabric.  If she wants to add color she then puts the item in Indigo Dye.

Lauren's first group of wall hangings she considers her:       
                    Garden Journal Series

              Many of her Art pieces incorporate leaves and grasses.

The back

This piece uses recycled fabrics, patched together and stitched.  

The above pieces are samples using a Discharge technique and then putting them in an Indigo Dye.
She learned the Indigo Dyeing technique from Jennifer years ago.  

Lauren used bleach and thiox on this one above.

This quite large piece is made up of many different pieces, each with a pond or water theme and then all put together like a puzzle.

This has corn plant leaves in it.

Note the reed design she used to quilt this piece. Seems to tie it all together.

Red Fern,over dyeing with Indigo

Lauren's daughter and friend waiting patiently for the next group of Art Projects. The above hangings Lauren considers her Garden Journal Series.

Following are Projects that are made up of Thrift Store clothing or parts of clothing or other recycled fabrics.

Note the piece of a skirt in here.

This is one of my favorite pieces.
 Strach refers to this technique as "Boho Boro", as she often incorporates recycled fabrics in her work.  Lots of hand stitching.

Even the back is interesting.


Show and Tell

These are examples of what Priscilla was working on this winter.

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