Sunday, November 21, 2021

Making Garments with Handwoven Fabrics

Hat and Mitten Tree at
First Reformed Church

They will take donations.

A Journey with the Woodland Weavers & Spinning Guild’s Garment Study Group: From Pattern Selection to Finished Garment

 Presenters: Judi Pulver and Margaret Jager

Judi and Margaret gave us a great look into making garments from Handwoven fabric, or any loosely woven type fabric.  The following pictures and screenshots will give you a good amount of information.

Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them. 

This is the pattern they recommend, can be purchased  online.

Judi explaining the process.

Fabrics waiting to be sewn into a jacket.
If you are interested in woven clothing Judi recommended following Sarah Howard.
She is on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook.

This is a Handmade spun and woven Alpaca Jacket that a friend of Margaret's had made years ago.
Hard to see, but the outside is all fuzzy from wear, interesting to see the inside pattern.

Margaret explained the techniques she used.

Show and Tell

We had lots of interesting show and tell items, most related to weaving.

Jean shows weaving with a Kumihimo disk

Jean explains the jacket she made with woven fabric.

Susan made lots of hats while recovering from knee surgery.

Suzanne perfecting her bird design

Kay brought two beautiful handwoven vests that she purchased.

Jennifer with new doll face designs from the wonderful fabric she bought in Japan.

Wendy shows off a coat she double wove with wool yarn about 30 years ago.

Liz wove a beautiful full length very heavy and warm vest.  Each little square is like a little pocket.

These 3 woven items are examples of  Swedish tapestry that Priscilla did years ago.
Priscilla wove the top she has on. It is a crackle weave woven with rayon chenille.

This Swedish Tapestry is a picture from a magazine from the Museum displaying her piece.

Another picture of quite a large Swedish tapestry.

Smaller examples of Swedish Tapestry, very intense weaving.

Click on this to go to the Museum Page
Be sure to click the little circles under the picture for more pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2021

First Reformed Church in Holland

 Confessions of a Basket Case

 Program by Nancy DeVries

Nancy's program about all the different styles of baskets, plus all the different materials she uses and the little extras that she incorporates was wonderful.   She said there are basically 4 different styles of baskets, splint, rib, Nantucket and coiled.  She has tried them all, but her favorite is coiling. The many materials she uses which she showed us include: ash, oak, sweet grass, willow, reed, kudzu (a very interesting extremely fast growing plant), birch bark, spruce root, cedar bark, bear grass, bamboo, palm fronds and waxed linen. She also incorporates many natural type items such as driftwood, antlers, wasp nest and sometimes other items she thinks would be fun.

As you look through the pictures try to spot the different items she has used in her baskets.

This is KUDZU

Bear Grass

Nantucket Jewelry Basket

Bully Bag or Nut Sack

Wonderful coiled Necklace

Nancy Called this a Hidden Agenda


Jennifer has been busy making dolls for upcoming shows.

Suzanne has been making felted birds and mice

Suzanne explains her new technique

Sue made a toasty warm cape out of a blanket

Many of us took advantage of the free books Priscilla brought

Such a wonderful Venue

Wendy explained the new freezer paper template technique she learned from an Ann Shaw workshop

Kay tackled hexagons and vintage tablecloths

Chris also used hexagons to make this beautiful sewing kit

Wonderful woven towels by Susan

Last but not least, Jan made a  whole outfit. Pants out of a recycled item, wonderful knit top and scarf, and she even gave an older pair of shoes a new coat of paint.

Kay and I were talking about this at the meeting: