Saturday, May 18, 2024


Most important is the potluck, if members would like to share their recipes, I will put them on the recipe page.  Everything was so goooood. Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the day.

 These are a few things in our silent auction. That was fun too.

Show and Tell

Nancy and Judy took a workshop from  Martina Celerin, a wondrful artist and they enjoyed every minute of their 3 day workshop.  Hopefully they will tell us more about it. 

 Martinia's  Webpage

Nancy's workshop piece


Judy's workshop piece

Pictures of their workshop

Josephine showed this amazing embroidery piece.


Linda found two paintings she really liked and copied it in fabric.

Susan is in a spring dyeing mode.  Lots of beautiful wefts.

Ice dyed piece for a shirt for her son.

Woven rug out of pendelton strips.